Safari for Windows

Safari for PC Download | Best Browser & Latest Version

Safari is an innovative Apple browser based on the Web Kit engine. To speak broadly, Safari is the best browser for your Mac and it comes inbuilt with your Mac device. To search any topic on the internet at one point in time, many web browsers have been released. But after Safari was released, it went on top of many other web browsers. Safari creates a new way to browse from one site to another that gives you joy even while browsing. The browser is more responsive than any other browser with the best-inbuilt features. When compared to other browsers, Safari for PC windows web browser helps you to enjoy incredibly faster browsing with longer battery performance.

However, there are many browsers that are available on the market. But, Safari falls on the #1 position because of its browsing speed, clean interface, and quick notes. Safari browser is a very interesting browser as you can read any content very comfortably here. Moreover, Safari runs with iCloud and works seamlessly on your Windows operating system too. Well, thanks to the JavaScript engine optimization, as it makes browsing faster than Chrome or Firefox. So, today in this content we will be speaking more about Safari Browser for Windows and PC. Till then, we insist you read it carefully.

How to Download Safari Browser for PC/Laptop on Windows:

Here we will perform guiding you to download the Windows Safari latest version. Do strictly follow the steps.

  • Firstly, you must turn ON your Wi-Fi or internet connection.
  • Now to indirectly download Safari for PC or Windows Click Here.
  • Or else, you can also visit Google or any other web browser and type Download Safari for Windows.
  • The browser will ultimately provide you some results. Click on that and go through the instructions given on the screen.
  • Now, scroll up and down and search for the Download option.
  • Make sure you click on the Download button and start downloading the file.
  • Wait for few seconds as it might take sometimes for complete downloading.
  • After downloading, you will receive a confirmation message that notifies you that download is completed.

With these step by step methods, you have finally done downloading. We will proceed with the next method to install the browser on your PC.

How to Install Safari Browser for PC/Laptop:

To install Apple Safari for Windows is as simple as its downloading process. All you need is follow our simple guide given.

  • Right after you have downloaded the file, start the steps of installation by locating the file on your PC in the download section.
  • Now, tap on the UC Browser file to start the installation.
  • For granting installation, a message will be popping up. Hit the OK button for installing.
  • After complete installation, you will be receiving another notification that notifies that Installation is over.
  • Click the Browser icon and enjoy the browsing.

Finally, just like downloading, even installation process got successfully over. We hope that you have learned the steps wisely. For more information, let us look into the unique features.

More About Safari Latest Version for Windows PC:

Safari for Windows is a web browser where you can also download any file within a very short time. Safari is such a wonderful browser as you can experience language as well as spelling check within the browser. Within quite a less time, you can search any information that you wanted to get with Safari web browser. As a result, Safari’s search engine is smarter than you because its web browser is incredibly fast that uses less battery usage. So, when compared to Chrome and Firefox, the browser might not be the best but it is the most popular browser. And for better browsing, Safari has built-in tools feature that helps you to search smarter. Just pin up those websites that you frequently visit on the Safari browser background and enjoy browsing. Users will truly appreciate how Safari works on your PC. Scroll down below for performing download and install.

Best Unique Features of Safari for Windows  PC:

  • The best first and foremost features of Apple Safari Browser for Windows is that Safari serves as the fastest browsing speed and within no time Safari helps you to download any videos or files.
  • They are absolutely free to download; all you need is a proper smooth internet connection. Without the internet, Safari browsing is impossible.
  • Your favorite sites can also be pinned in Safari background. This will make convenient for you to visit those websites that you visit frequently.
  • Now stay connected with Safari and enjoy videos on your Big screen TV with the help of Apple TV.
  • With Safari, users can view any sites or information while watching videos. This means you can resize the size of the video to see what you are going through in another tab. So you can do double work at a time.
  • If you want to stop listening to any sound, then it also offers you to mute all the sound near the search button. And moreover, if you want to silence just one single tab then that is also possible.
  • As you type any information in the search engine, you will see many results are shown either from Wikipedia, news, maps etc with Spotlight feature.
  • With Safari you can read any content comfortably without eye strain as you can customize the whole settings either night or day mode. Even as a reader, you will never be distracted by pop-up advertisements. If you are an expert with PC setting then Safari also lets you change the font as well as its style.
  • Post and share content that you have ever come across with Safari. Simply click on the share button and then select where you wish to share.
  • You can also customize your browsing experience by introducing more extensions in Safari browser.


We think that Safari has the most incredible features that make it the strongest ever browser across all devices. If few more are added to it, then it would have gone to the top of every browser. But when compared Safari Browser for PC is better than any other simple browser. As Safari protects from harmful sites, one must have this web browser installed on every PC. It also includes private browsing windows that make it quite efficient to browse anything private. Now with Safari, you can browse two hours longer than Chrome or Firefox. So, if you are curious enough about your browsing history then download Safari. Do not worry about your files because iCloud will store everything securely. We hope that this piece of information has been helpful to you.


Safari for Android

Safari for Android Download – Latest Web Browser for Android Devices

Do you want to experience something new as a web browser for your Android? If you really wish to then this page has an excellent option for you. It is the Safari for Android. This web browser gives you the chance of surfing the internet with utmost fun and excitement. The name of the web browser is likely fitted as surfing the internet through this is really having the wild fun experience of moving into the safari expedition. Safari Web Browser is one of the advanced stock of web browser Android can ever find suitable for itself. Knowing about it and that too with every single clear idea will make your mind reliable to use it.

Also, you will definitely find it appreciable as you get through this amazing piece of technological invention. This page will delegate you to know all about the features of this web browser. It will depict you how Safari had turned out to be a new way to visit the mobile internet. Safari has got some really cool browsing features that let your browsing fast, easy and fun. All these will make you clear about the fact that this web browser is a definite choice for your Android. And, you must get it as soon as possible to make your surfing exciting and effective

Safari for Android

Steps to Download and Install Safari for Android Devices:

Downloading this amazing web browser includes very simple and easy methods. You just have to keep your eyes glued to this page for following the exact pieces of information and steps. Before moving on with the downloading process better you search whether you have Google Play Store on your Android device or not. If it is then it will follow certain rules of downloading and if it is not then it will move on with some other method. Let us get started with downloading the apk file of the Safari Web Browser.

  • For initializing the downloading of the web browser tap here. A new page will get open that will direct you to download the Safari apk file on your device. Before continuing the downloading check whether your phone can download files from unknown sources or not. If not then go to your device’s settings and enable receiving files from the unknown sources.
  • As you have made it enable your file will start getting downloaded as you click on the downloaded option. This will take few minutes and you need to be patient about that. As the whole of the downloading process depends up on the speed of your internet network.
  • As soon as the file gets downloaded you receive a notification saying download is complete. Tap on the recently downloaded file. It is a setup file for the web browser apk. Tapping on the file will make the file get installed in your device.
  • Before tapping and choosing the install option, you will have to agree to the terms and conditions mentioned. Agreeing with all the instructions you can then choose to install in your device. This will again take some few minutes. Wait for the installing process and finally get the notification that reads your installation has been done or made or completed successfully.

Downloading and installing the Safari Browser for Android device is really very easy. No doubt this proves the user-friendliness of the browsing apk. Now comes the steps that are assigned for downloading the web browser from the Google Play Store. As many of the Android devices have the inbound facility of using Google Play Store as their prime app store.

  • Tap on your Google Play Store to open. You can view a search box in the app store where you just simply have to enter the name Safari Browser. As you enter the web browser name tap on the magnifying glass icon representing search or simply tap Go on your virtual keyboard.
  • This will take few seconds and you will get the result of your search. Tap on the icon of the Safari Browser to open the app details. The play store will check whether the app browser is compatible with the device. It will take few seconds.
  • Once it is checked you get to see install option. Tap on it to start continuing with the installation process. But before that, you require getting agreed with the installation process. Only then can the installation be made.
  • Your device will first show downloading. This will take few minutes that too depending upon the speed of your internet connection. After the downloading gets over your device will take another few seconds to get installed. You will then get the option demanding open. Tap on it to open and have the fun experience of surfing and exploring the vastness of the internet.

Features of Safari for Android Devices:

This segment of the page demands the features of the Safari web browsing app. In short, the Safari Browser for Android. There are some real notable features that make browsing via the web browser really fun and interesting. Push your eyes through the page below to get to know what all exciting characteristic are really waiting for your surfing to make pleasurable and fun.

  • It is an absolute user-friendly web browsing application available for your Android device. With excellent work performance facility, it also incorporates unnecessary working interruption. This makes surfing less stressful and relaxing and more organized.
  •  The web browser recommends you popular sites first for easy access. This also calls for fast browsing and not only that, targetted browsing too.
  • Well, it protects your device from malware and viruses by restricting opening of some sites or page that carry forward the contagious virus attack in your device.
  • It is having a good downloading manager with fast downloading of any files, videos, or anything in the net.
  • Not only that, it allows you to share your favorite sites or page with your friends via facebook, twitter and more.


These are the features that the web browsing site is having in store for you. Safari for Android has come up with some advanced form of the characteristics necessary to turn out a web browser utterly developed and sensible. The user-friendly attitude that you have confronted in the downloading process maintains the browser’s professionality regarding the search surf and to navigate. This must have made your decision to get it into your device for smart use.

Safari for iPhone

Safari for iPhone Download – Free Fast Browsing App for iOS Devices

Different types of Smartphones with their own dedicated browser which helps them to access the internet easily. Same like other Smartphones, Apple devices to come with their own dedicated browsers which is known as Safari browser for iOS. This browser is only available on the Apple devices. So today we will be discussing this amazing browser. There are many people across the globe who just loves to use this browser. The popularity of this browser is one of the best and those who have used this browser have always given good reviews about this amazing browser.

So to know more about this app we will show up with a proper guide how you can use this browser and what are the main features of this browser. This proper guide will help you to know each and every information about this browser. The dedicated browser in Android is not so advanced as compared to that of Safari. This browser comes with your iOS device so there is no problem regarding all those download processes. So without doing any further delay let’s get into the discussion and give you each and every possible information about this app.

Safari for iPhone

Procedure to Download & Install Safari for iPhone, iOS Devices:

Here we will mention out some of the steps which will help you to know about this browser easily. The guided steps are best to use and many have used these steps and have given good reviews.

  • At first, you have to open the app. To open the app you have to tap on the browsers logo which will be like white in color with a compass drawn on it.
  • Now you have to go on the search option which will be situated at the top of the browser.
  • Now once you are there you have to write down your search and then hit the search tab the search option will be like the magnifying glass.
  • Now if you want to refresh your page you have to simply click on the refresh button which will be like a circle arrow which will be situated at the bottom of the search screen.
  • For example, you want to download any image for that you have to simply click hold on the image and you will notice new popups for download flashed out click on save photo option to get the photo.
  • Now if you want to share the photo you have to simply click on the box arrow option which is situated at the bottom of the page.
  • Now if you want to open a new page you will notice a picture of two pages at the bottom of the page, click on that to get access to the new page.
  • Now to bookmark your page you have to simply click on the logo of a book at the bottom of the home page and once you do that you are done with saving of the page.
  • You can even do your desired settings on the page as far your requirements. The customization feature will be upon you.

These were the steps which will give you detail how you can use this browser. Now let’s check out some of the features of this browser.

Download Safari Browser for iPhone:

Here are the steps which will help you to download the Safari browser for iPhone.

  • First, you have to open your browser and visit the site APPLE-SUPPORT-DOWNLOAD. To reach instantly on the site click HERE
  • Now once you are there you have searched for your desired device. Once you have selected your desired device now you have searched for your desired app which will be the safari in this case.
  • Now once you have navigated out your app click on that. Clicking on that will show up the app and there you will get the download option.
  • To begin the download process click on the option and once the download process gets over your app will be on your device.

So these were the steps which will help you download Safari browser on your device. Now let’s check out some of the important alternatives of this browser.

  • Google Chrome: This browser does not need any separate introduction. This is considered to be one of the best browser for any operating device.
  • UC browser: If we are talking about a fast and efficient browser then UC is the one. This is one of the handiest and most effective browser.

Important Features of this Safari Browser for iOS Devices:

Mentioned below are the features which will give you full information about this browser to know more about it.

  • Easy Zoom: By simply double tapping on your page, you can easily zoom on your page easily.
  • To Zoom out: To zoom out just pinch out the page and you are done and the page will return to the normal size.
  • To get on the top of the page: The process to get on the top of the page is very simple. You have to simply tap on the clock at the center of the and you can go at the top of the page easily.
  • Easy access on the history: The history button at the bottom of the page helps the users to get instant access to the browser

So these were some of the specific features about this browser now let’s check out how we can download the browser on your device.


So these were some of the basic information about this amazing browser Safari for iPhone. Here we have specifically mentioned some of the important features of this app which will help the users to get a full knowledge about this browser. We have also stated some of the alternatives of this browser and also the process to download this browser which we are sure will help you to take the maximum out of this app. Now follow these simple steps and use this browser to the fullest. Hope the provided information will help you in successfully download UC Browser on your PC. If you face any problem then do let us know by commenting below.

Safari Not Working

Safari Not Working – Fix Browser by Troubleshooting With Possible Errors

When your Mac device’s Safari browser stops working then it could be the most annoying thing that you can face. Because for most of the Mac user, Safari browser is the most favorite. If you are one of them and sadly if your browser is showing up as “Safari Not Working” then it’s time to fix this.

There could be a lot of reason behind the issue due to which Safari not working, counter all related causes will guide you through some troubleshooting steps of this issue. And you can revert the badly occurring of issue in your Safari browser and make it useful as before. Steps for Safari not working problem in your browser are simple. Check out the complete solution for this Safari error in below.

Safari Not Working

Safari Not Working – Troubleshooting With Possible Errors:

As you know Safari is an innovative browser by Apple Inc. And this browser comes by default with all MacOS X, iOS devices. It is the most favorite browser for all Apple device users. But the problem is that this favorite browser gradually stops working seamlessly when page load is too high.

This is not the actual act of Safari browser, as this is one of the powerful browsers among most existing browser available. This all because of some error in your device and Safari itself and with some smart steps you get a better solution for Safari is not working.

As Safari comes for both Mac device and iOS device, I will explain for both platform issue. Yes, as a user you must have faced this issue on your iOS powered Smartphones and Mac device. So, let’s focus on the occurring issues in your Safari and fix them easily.

 How to Fix Safari Not Working on Mac Device – Fix it:

On MacOS X powered device Safari tends to show this Safari problem as well. As the fixation of Mac device is different with iOS fixation method. so, find out the steps for the solution of Safari not working. Here are the steps to fix Safari is not working issue on your Mac, check them out.

  • At the very first, launch the Safari browser on your Mac as usually.
  • Now from the top menu bar, select the Safari option. After clicking on that from the sub menu choose “Clear History…” button.
  • After this, you can reset all the common settings of Safari browser. Select all available reset option by adding “tick” mark on all.
  • Now you can select the “Reset” button, which is located right below; and you are done.

This is all you need to do with OS X running device’s Safari browser. When system file gets missing from system folder this issue might be encountered on your Safari. Also, cache related issue is also one of the biggest issues in Safari. Although, the issues are different but this can be fixed with just one method. The method is mentioned above that you need to follow to fix this Safari Not Working issue.

But if this issue is going on your iOS powered device then the procedure and terms would be different. As the issue also triggers on iOS devices, I have come with some solution for it as well. Check some tricks to fix this issue on your iOS device, as there are some methods that you can do to revert this issue.

Fix Safari Not Working on iOS Devices:

Let get into the Safari Not Working troubleshooting methods for your iOS device. As there are a lot of issue on newly released iOS 11 beta version, most of the beta user facing the issue in their Safari browser. And also, there are a lot of bugs and performance issue as well. Besides, Safari issue is frequently occurring for the iOS user. So, it is better to know the steps to fix this problem and browse seamlessly with your favorite browser.

Solution1: Reset Network Settings

For incorrect network settings on your iOS device can trigger this issue. There could be DNS related issue in your device; by resetting the network root settings, you can fix this. To reset network settings of your iOS device follow-up below given steps.

  • Go to the Settings of your device and step into the General menu.
  • Now click on the Reset option and followed by the Network Reset Settings.

Now it will forget  everything about your devices network settings. So, you will need to setup new settings for your network. Precisely, it will also fix the Safari error of your device smoothly.

Solution2: Restart Your Device

Because of some existing bugs in the Safari update, this could happen. As for this, you can’t do much to fix it, but you can try it out by switching off your device. It works when I did it with my unit, as this cleans up RAM usage, refresh your processing. Hence, powerup for better processing for Safari browser. Hope, this should work on your iOS device as well like I did with my device.

Solution: Clear All Safari Data or Websites’ Data

As said before due to the incorrect data for the website and in Safari system folder, Safari not working pops up. You will need to fix this if you want a solution for it. As of this solution, some steps are needed in your Safari browser. So, find the solution of Safari by removing the browser data from device, check it out here in below-

  • Step into your device Settings and then select Safari app from all existing app of your device.
  • Now hit the “Clear History and Website Data” button.

Hence, all data from your Safari browser will be removed and this is a reliable tip to fix Safari not working issue. Try it out when above two solution doesn’t fix it.


Safari is favorite for most Apple users. Most of the time websites are browsed using this browser only and you get used to with it. I know Chrome browser is also a good alternative to it but it is all about habitation with Safari. Jumping to another browser means you will need some days to get used to with it. So better if you learn to fix Safari not working issue and refresh your Safari browser by yourself.