Safari for Windows

Safari for PC Download | Best Browser & Latest Version

Safari is an innovative Apple browser based on the Web Kit engine. To speak broadly, Safari is the best browser for your Mac and it comes inbuilt with your Mac device. To search any topic on the internet at one point in time, many web browsers have been released. But after Safari was released, it went on top of many other web browsers. Safari creates a new way to browse from one site to another that gives you joy even while browsing. The browser is more responsive than any other browser with the best-inbuilt features. When compared to other browsers, Safari for PC windows web browser helps you to enjoy incredibly faster browsing with longer battery performance.

However, there are many browsers that are available on the market. But, Safari falls on the #1 position because of its browsing speed, clean interface, and quick notes. Safari browser is a very interesting browser as you can read any content very comfortably here. Moreover, Safari runs with iCloud and works seamlessly on your Windows operating system too. Well, thanks to the JavaScript engine optimization, as it makes browsing faster than Chrome or Firefox. So, today in this content we will be speaking more about Safari Browser for Windows and PC. Till then, we insist you read it carefully.

How to Download Safari Browser for PC/Laptop on Windows:

Here we will perform guiding you to download the Windows Safari latest version. Do strictly follow the steps.

  • Firstly, you must turn ON your Wi-Fi or internet connection.
  • Now to indirectly download Safari for PC or Windows Click Here.
  • Or else, you can also visit Google or any other web browser and type Download Safari for Windows.
  • The browser will ultimately provide you some results. Click on that and go through the instructions given on the screen.
  • Now, scroll up and down and search for the Download option.
  • Make sure you click on the Download button and start downloading the file.
  • Wait for few seconds as it might take sometimes for complete downloading.
  • After downloading, you will receive a confirmation message that notifies you that download is completed.

With these step by step methods, you have finally done downloading. We will proceed with the next method to install the browser on your PC.

How to Install Safari Browser for PC/Laptop:

To install Apple Safari for Windows is as simple as its downloading process. All you need is follow our simple guide given.

  • Right after you have downloaded the file, start the steps of installation by locating the file on your PC in the download section.
  • Now, tap on the UC Browser file to start the installation.
  • For granting installation, a message will be popping up. Hit the OK button for installing.
  • After complete installation, you will be receiving another notification that notifies that Installation is over.
  • Click the Browser icon and enjoy the browsing.

Finally, just like downloading, even installation process got successfully over. We hope that you have learned the steps wisely. For more information, let us look into the unique features.

More About Safari Latest Version for Windows PC:

Safari for Windows is a web browser where you can also download any file within a very short time. Safari is such a wonderful browser as you can experience language as well as spelling check within the browser. Within quite a less time, you can search any information that you wanted to get with Safari web browser. As a result, Safari’s search engine is smarter than you because its web browser is incredibly fast that uses less battery usage. So, when compared to Chrome and Firefox, the browser might not be the best but it is the most popular browser. And for better browsing, Safari has built-in tools feature that helps you to search smarter. Just pin up those websites that you frequently visit on the Safari browser background and enjoy browsing. Users will truly appreciate how Safari works on your PC. Scroll down below for performing download and install.

Best Unique Features of Safari for Windows  PC:

  • The best first and foremost features of Apple Safari Browser for Windows is that Safari serves as the fastest browsing speed and within no time Safari helps you to download any videos or files.
  • They are absolutely free to download; all you need is a proper smooth internet connection. Without the internet, Safari browsing is impossible.
  • Your favorite sites can also be pinned in Safari background. This will make convenient for you to visit those websites that you visit frequently.
  • Now stay connected with Safari and enjoy videos on your Big screen TV with the help of Apple TV.
  • With Safari, users can view any sites or information while watching videos. This means you can resize the size of the video to see what you are going through in another tab. So you can do double work at a time.
  • If you want to stop listening to any sound, then it also offers you to mute all the sound near the search button. And moreover, if you want to silence just one single tab then that is also possible.
  • As you type any information in the search engine, you will see many results are shown either from Wikipedia, news, maps etc with Spotlight feature.
  • With Safari you can read any content comfortably without eye strain as you can customize the whole settings either night or day mode. Even as a reader, you will never be distracted by pop-up advertisements. If you are an expert with PC setting then Safari also lets you change the font as well as its style.
  • Post and share content that you have ever come across with Safari. Simply click on the share button and then select where you wish to share.
  • You can also customize your browsing experience by introducing more extensions in Safari browser.


We think that Safari has the most incredible features that make it the strongest ever browser across all devices. If few more are added to it, then it would have gone to the top of every browser. But when compared Safari Browser for PC is better than any other simple browser. As Safari protects from harmful sites, one must have this web browser installed on every PC. It also includes private browsing windows that make it quite efficient to browse anything private. Now with Safari, you can browse two hours longer than Chrome or Firefox. So, if you are curious enough about your browsing history then download Safari. Do not worry about your files because iCloud will store everything securely. We hope that this piece of information has been helpful to you.