Safari Not Working

Safari Not Working – Fix Browser by Troubleshooting With Possible Errors

When your Mac device’s Safari browser stops working then it could be the most annoying thing that you can face. Because for most of the Mac user, Safari browser is the most favorite. If you are one of them and sadly if your browser is showing up as “Safari Not Working” then it’s time to fix this.

There could be a lot of reason behind the issue due to which Safari not working, counter all related causes will guide you through some troubleshooting steps of this issue. And you can revert the badly occurring of issue in your Safari browser and make it useful as before. Steps for Safari not working problem in your browser are simple. Check out the complete solution for this Safari error in below.

Safari Not Working

Safari Not Working – Troubleshooting With Possible Errors:

As you know Safari is an innovative browser by Apple Inc. And this browser comes by default with all MacOS X, iOS devices. It is the most favorite browser for all Apple device users. But the problem is that this favorite browser gradually stops working seamlessly when page load is too high.

This is not the actual act of Safari browser, as this is one of the powerful browsers among most existing browser available. This all because of some error in your device and Safari itself and with some smart steps you get a better solution for Safari is not working.

As Safari comes for both Mac device and iOS device, I will explain for both platform issue. Yes, as a user you must have faced this issue on your iOS powered Smartphones and Mac device. So, let’s focus on the occurring issues in your Safari and fix them easily.

 How to Fix Safari Not Working on Mac Device – Fix it:

On MacOS X powered device Safari tends to show this Safari problem as well. As the fixation of Mac device is different with iOS fixation method. so, find out the steps for the solution of Safari not working. Here are the steps to fix Safari is not working issue on your Mac, check them out.

  • At the very first, launch the Safari browser on your Mac as usually.
  • Now from the top menu bar, select the Safari option. After clicking on that from the sub menu choose “Clear History…” button.
  • After this, you can reset all the common settings of Safari browser. Select all available reset option by adding “tick” mark on all.
  • Now you can select the “Reset” button, which is located right below; and you are done.

This is all you need to do with OS X running device’s Safari browser. When system file gets missing from system folder this issue might be encountered on your Safari. Also, cache related issue is also one of the biggest issues in Safari. Although, the issues are different but this can be fixed with just one method. The method is mentioned above that you need to follow to fix this Safari Not Working issue.

But if this issue is going on your iOS powered device then the procedure and terms would be different. As the issue also triggers on iOS devices, I have come with some solution for it as well. Check some tricks to fix this issue on your iOS device, as there are some methods that you can do to revert this issue.

Fix Safari Not Working on iOS Devices:

Let get into the Safari Not Working troubleshooting methods for your iOS device. As there are a lot of issue on newly released iOS 11 beta version, most of the beta user facing the issue in their Safari browser. And also, there are a lot of bugs and performance issue as well. Besides, Safari issue is frequently occurring for the iOS user. So, it is better to know the steps to fix this problem and browse seamlessly with your favorite browser.

Solution1: Reset Network Settings

For incorrect network settings on your iOS device can trigger this issue. There could be DNS related issue in your device; by resetting the network root settings, you can fix this. To reset network settings of your iOS device follow-up below given steps.

  • Go to the Settings of your device and step into the General menu.
  • Now click on the Reset option and followed by the Network Reset Settings.

Now it will forget  everything about your devices network settings. So, you will need to setup new settings for your network. Precisely, it will also fix the Safari error of your device smoothly.

Solution2: Restart Your Device

Because of some existing bugs in the Safari update, this could happen. As for this, you can’t do much to fix it, but you can try it out by switching off your device. It works when I did it with my unit, as this cleans up RAM usage, refresh your processing. Hence, powerup for better processing for Safari browser. Hope, this should work on your iOS device as well like I did with my device.

Solution: Clear All Safari Data or Websites’ Data

As said before due to the incorrect data for the website and in Safari system folder, Safari not working pops up. You will need to fix this if you want a solution for it. As of this solution, some steps are needed in your Safari browser. So, find the solution of Safari by removing the browser data from device, check it out here in below-

  • Step into your device Settings and then select Safari app from all existing app of your device.
  • Now hit the “Clear History and Website Data” button.

Hence, all data from your Safari browser will be removed and this is a reliable tip to fix Safari not working issue. Try it out when above two solution doesn’t fix it.


Safari is favorite for most Apple users. Most of the time websites are browsed using this browser only and you get used to with it. I know Chrome browser is also a good alternative to it but it is all about habitation with Safari. Jumping to another browser means you will need some days to get used to with it. So better if you learn to fix Safari not working issue and refresh your Safari browser by yourself.